Zoning for all of Lee County? With a master plan and a Beat 13 vote, the stage is set | Gov. and politics

It identifies communities, existing land uses, high traffic corridors, high and low population density areas, open spaces and utility coverage throughout Lee County.

“We’ve done a lot of town halls throughout the process involving the different rhythms and different areas of the county, so that they (the citizens) can own it with us and really help run it. There have been a lot of contributions that way, ”said Kevin Flannagan, founding member of the first planning committee and chairman of the current version.

The plan includes definitions of various land uses, taking into account their historical use and sustainable future development. Land designations include Urban Core, Suburban Core, Suburb, Central Rural, Residential Rural, General Rural, Rural Agriculture, Conservation, Preservation, Corridor, and Special District.

The plan lists future development goals, but it does not impose any strict rules on land use – any zoning changes would be recommended by the planning commission, but would require a public hearing and the approval of the commissioners of the Lee County.

Judge Bill English and Administrator Roger Rendleman discuss some of the issues facing the county commission this year.

The master plan and the planning commission sat on the sidelines for more than a decade. Earlier this year, a group of residents around Beulah in Beat 13 asked for help from the county in preventing CreekWood Resources from establishing a granite quarry on US 29 near Beans Mill.

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