Zagreb public transport tickets will increase the price

October 16, 2021 – The price of Zagreb public transport tickets is expected to increase as a decision is made at the head of ZET (Zagreb Electric Tram).

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, in a recent interview with HRT, ZET union president Drazen Jovic announced an increase in the prices of Zagreb public transport tickets due to rising energy prices.

“Considering the prices of derivatives, the prices of gas, building materials and some sort of creeping inflation, it’s pretty clear that there will be and there should be a correction in ticket prices. public transport service in Zagreb, ”Jovic said.

“A ticket will probably cost around 8 kuna. It is difficult to calculate exactly how much these tickets should cost, but yes, they will probably cost around 8 kuna, which would be roughly realistic given the current price increases,” Jovic said. That said, most won’t be happy with a 50% price increase on a 30-minute ticket, which currently only costs 4 kuna.

He added that the existing tickets of 4, 7 and 10 kuna should all be combined into one ticket with a single price, which is also likely to irritate many users of Zagreb’s public transport who feel like they are getting away from it all. steal time and money. .

Jovic also said that ZET grants vary on average from 500 to 700 million kuna per year and that the difference between the tickets is subsidized.

“ZET will never have a ticket sold at the real market price because that would be absolutely unacceptable to end users of public transport in Zagreb,” he added, despite the feeling of many that this price increase in it- even will not be very popular among the city commuters.

“I think people should be honestly informed that there will be an increase in prices,” Jovic said, adding that the price of communal services should also increase.

“Considering the derivatives, and looking at the overall situation, I think the people of Zagreb should be honestly informed that there will be a price hike on the horizon. This situation is certainly unsustainable in terms of public services, and it ranges from cleanliness to the transport itself, ”said Jovic.

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