Why does Chinese eco-warrior Xi Jinping continue to build coal-fired power stations?

Earned interest defeated the campaign, although Xi continued to release adjusted green numbers for Zhejiang after others reverted to the normal game of GDP inflation, making his tenure less successful by gross measure. of the day.

A key figure in this forgotten green GDP saga, Xie Zhenhua, is now the main Chinese climate envoy to the Cop26. It was he who pushed the concept of a modified Kuznets curve – an inverted “U” – where CO2 emissions peak and then decline as a country reaches a threshold of economic development.

It was this Kuznets curve that gave Xi the arguments he needed to justify climate actions against entrenched old guard opposition. This paved the way for his famous Yingtai night with Barack Obama, which in turn led to the Paris climate agreement in 2015.

It was a complete break with China’s (pre-Xi) obstructionist role in Copenhagen in 2009, when Beijing mischievously turned it into a fight between poor countries and the West.

Jianqiang Liu of Carbon Brief says there is a steadfast green theme running through Xi Jinping’s career, up to its signing doctrine of “Ecological Civilization”, and its net zero commitment by 2060 made last year.

One shouldn’t read too much into Mr. Xi’s apparent decision to jump to the top of Cop26. He is in the midst of a tumultuous internal upheaval, a purge on several fronts. Enemies are plotting to thwart his candidacy for a third term, and the Standing Committee meetings in early November will be critical.

When it comes to wolf warrior diplomacy, China is its worst enemy. Beijing has ruffled the feathers by linking the action of the Cop26 to the concessions of the West on other issues. But it is of course China itself that is at the end of a “two-degree” world.

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