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For many of my generation, the emerging energy crisis has cast doubt on the environmental left’s favorite climate strategies: Constriction and restriction to achieve emissions reductions. It is clearer than ever that the solutions for the future must promote energy independence and strengthen our national industries.

As a conservative and environmental advocate, I too am a strong supporter of American climate leadership, but I’ve become even more committed to advocating for solutions that secure our economy, promote our local industries, and clean up pollution. harmful.

The Republican-led Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividend Plan fits this bill perfectly. Born from the principles of the market and limited government, this proposal would address both the international and domestic dimensions of climate and energy – and boost American production along the way.

Domestically, he would use market prices to unleash innovation and investment, sweep away regulations, and support American families.

Internationally, it would hold foreign polluters accountable for their pollution by charging them fees at the border. Since U.S. manufacturing is already much cleaner and more efficient than overseas producers, the “carbon border adjustment” fee would boost domestic production.1

This would eliminate the free pass given to foreign countries for their lower environmental standards, be it China or Putin’s Russia, whose manufacturing output is four times more polluting and carbon intensive than that the United States. It is a policy which, as a Russian oil czar fears2could harm Russia more than sanctions alone.

For these benefits, Republican leaders across the state formed Hoosiers for Carbon Dividends3 last year to push this conservative climate and energy proposal. This year, the momentum for action was strengthened when State Senator Rick Niemeyer, a native of northwestern Indiana, where steel production is dense, introduced a resolution4 at the Statehouse urging his federal counterparts to support this approach.

In Indiana, we are fortunate to have strong Republican congressional leadership on these issues – from Senators Mike Braun and Todd Young to Congressman Jim Baird. With a smart solution like Baker-Shultz, the GOP could meet both challenges, fend off the left’s restrictive strategies, and secure prosperity and a clean environment for decades to come.

Chris Elmore is the 2021-22 president of the Hamilton County Young Republicans and a student at Purdue University.


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