Spanish Police Bust Smuggling Ring Led By Former Royal Navy Sailor

Spanish police force kills door in multi-site raid on smuggling network (Policia Nacional) operations

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Spanish police have arrested ten people and impounded several boats as part of an alleged drug trafficking project run by a former Royal Navy sailor.

The Spanish National Police, the National Crime Agency and the Tax Agency have been investigating the ring since last year. The consortium allegedly focused on the activities of a British citizen residing in Cadiz – a Royal Navy veteran with extensive knowledge at sea. He has been under surveillance for years due to his alleged links to figures in international traffic and known criminal organizations. His identity and former rank have not been disclosed.

The ring used several shell companies created for the commercial sale and rental of boats, which were used in illegal smuggling operations. Additional companies were reportedly used to launder the proceeds of the transaction.

The activities of the ring have been characterized by a “high degree of professionalism” and strict operational security, Spanish police said in a statement. Its members adhered to strict security protocols in their communications and travel, especially before and during meetings, which were held in remote locations and were often displaced along the way.

Police intercepted two of the group’s hash shipments last year, a 600-kilogram transport in August and a one-ton transport in November. Officials last week tracked raids in the city of Ceuta and the provinces of Cadiz and Málaga. They swept ten suspects, with about $ 7,000 in cash, a taser, knives, a drone and a fake pistol. In addition, they seized five luxury vehicles, two motor yachts and a sailboat.

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