SC grants bail to suspect arrested in drug smuggling case

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Monday granted bail to a suspect who was arrested for allegedly smuggling 3.5 kilograms (kg) of hashish.

The suspect, Muhammad Saqib, was arrested at Kohat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the Supreme Court granted him bail against bail worth Rs 200,000.

During the hearing, the court expressed its dissatisfaction with the poor investigation into the case. Judge Faiz Issa pointed out that the innocent are convicted due to poor investigation, while the real culprits are released on bail. “Nobody sees the flaws in the prosecution. Everyone complains in court,” he remarked.

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He said most first information reports (FIRs) claim drugs were recovered from the suspects at general checkpoints.

“Why don’t the police record videos of suspects at these checkpoints? What will happen if one of them denies that I was not present at the scene? Judge Issa questioned.

He pointed out that even a two-year-old has started using a cell phone these days, adding that every police officer also keeps the gadget. “I still don’t understand why photos of the suspects aren’t being taken at this time,” he said.

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He asked if the prosecution left the errors to support the suspects and asked, “Is the prosecution’s job to evade the courts?”

He noted that police seized hashish from the suspect at a random checkpoint without information and filed a complaint without providing details of the owner of the vehicle.

The prosecutor informed the court that the excise department was asked to provide information about the owner.

To this, Judge Issa asked whether the excise department was in Pakistan or the UK as details have yet to be received. The court said it was surprised the excise department had yet to respond to the police and asked if a complaint had been filed against it.

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