San Diego boat smuggling: one dead, 15 migrants arrested in incident involving suspected smuggler boat near San Diego

At least 15 migrants are in custody after U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers rescued them from their panga-style contraband boat, according to CBP.

The San Diego Police Department has reported one death, but details are still being worked out. According to CBP, one person was in critical condition; it is not known if this is the person who died.

The investigation is still ongoing, according to CBP, which described the incident in an email to CNN as an “smuggling event / boat.”

CBP officers spotted the boat at 5:10 a.m. local time off Point Loma, the agency said in a statement. “At 5:20 am, shore officers observed several people from the distressed boat in the water near the La Jolla children’s pool.”

“Officers requested assistance from the San Diego rescuers who responded to the scene,” CBP said in the statement.

The San Diego Fire and Rescue Service said in a statement that Rescue Division personnel received a call around 5:30 a.m. from the Joint Harbor Operations Center advising them that there were people in the water. a boat near Marine Street in La Jolla, about 13 miles northwest of downtown San Diego.

Rescuers intervened and rescued 10 people in “rough water conditions”, some of whom were wearing life jackets. They were brought to headquarters and met by ambulances and fire teams. Eight people were taken to local hospitals.

Meanwhile, the boat continued north to the coast near Coast Boulevard, the statement said, before crashing into an area known as Wipeout Beach.

“An individual was found submerged at this location,” the statement said. “The patient was brought ashore and CPR was performed, but the patient did not survive. The patient was declared dead at the scene.

San Diego Police, CBP and the medical examiner were at the scene Thursday morning, the statement added.

Thursday’s incident comes weeks after three people died when another ship overturned near San Diego, throwing 30 people into the water. CBP surveillance agent Jeff Stephenson said in the case that officials had all indications “that it was a contraband ship to smuggle migrants into the United States.”

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