Research firm sees stainless steel boost in 2021

An event held in July in Boonville, Calif., Involved the presentation and tasting of more than 300 canned aluminum wines from around the world. The event was created in part to help show the design possibilities of aluminum packaging in the wine industry.

At the Third International Canned Wine Competition, held July 20-22 at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Boonville, wines from 17 countries including Argentina, Australia, France, l India, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom have competed on the design and taste with wines from all over the United States.

This year’s competition featured “an explosion of wine-based spritzers and seltzers,” according to competition founder and organizer Allan Green. In total, the judges awarded gold medals to 85 of the 335 wines entered.

In addition to judging wines on flavor, the packaging design competition “showed just how creative designers and marketers have become with the new canned wine rack,” organizers said.

The Best of Show honors for 2021 went to: Solid Ground Winery, based in California, for Ria Sparkling Rosé; Alloy Wine Works based in California for 2020 Hans Gruner; Joie Farms, based in British Columbia and Canada for the Tsunami Rosé 2020; and Canada Canned for Oregon Pinot Noir, based in Oregon. UK-based Kiss of Wine, which won four medals, took home the most medals of the event.

“The creativity and ingenuity of the canned wine segment brings the party back to life and excitement,” said Randy Schock, winemaker at Handley Cellars, who was one of the judges. “So much room to create and explore old and new regional culinary and lifestyle expressions makes the idea of ​​traveling and tasting exciting again.”

Competition director Green said plans are underway for the Fourth Annual International Canned Wine Competition, to be held in July 2022, and jokes that will be “bright.”

The Aluminum Association in Arlington, Virginia calls aluminum “one of the only materials in the consumer and industrial waste stream that pays more than its own recycling.” Adds the association, “Aluminum cans return from the recycling bin to the store over and over again in a true closed loop.”

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