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Perinthalmanna/Agali: Police have arrested eight people for the death of a native of Agali who was brutally beaten on his way home after returning from Saudi Arabia. Police suspect a gang of gold smugglers is behind the incident.

Abdul Jaleel, 42, died of his injuries at a private hospital in Perinthalmanna on Friday. An unidentified gang had kidnapped Jaleel and brutally assaulted him with intent to kill him, according to the police FIR.

The cops are investigating if the gang used Jaleel, or if he fell victim to the gang rivalry, or if another deal was made.

In search of the brain

The investigation is currently focused on Yahiya, a native of Melattur, suspected of being the mastermind of the incident. He is on the run, according to police.

CCTV footage shows Yahiya had taken the unconscious Jaleel to hospital on Thursday night, while claiming he found him injured at the side of the road. Police believe CCTV footage of Yahiya bringing Jaleel to hospital would be crucial to the investigation.

Jaleel had called home from the airport and a stranger had called his relatives to say that Jaleel had been hospitalized. Both calls were from the same number.

Perinthalmanna Police Deputy Superintendent Mr Santhosh Kumar is leading the investigation into the case.

Funerals held

Jaleel, who was admitted to hospital with serious injuries, died in the early hours of Friday. After completing investigative procedures at Manjeri Medical College Hospital, the body was transported to his hometown and the funeral was held.

Jaleel, who had worked as a housekeeper in the Gulf for 10 years, had only three hundred plots of land in Agali and a small house which had been built with the help of the panchayat. He had last visited his home two years ago.

He is survived by his mother Asiya, his wife Mubashira and his children Ansil, Anshif and Anshid. Her father Mohammed had died earlier.

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