Police professional | Prison scanners thwart 10,000 smuggling attempts

Prison scanners thwart 10,000 smuggling attempts

X-ray body scanners have stopped 10,000 smuggling attempts, including drugs, weapons and phones, in prisons in just over a year.

October 15, 2021

By Tony Thompson

The innovative equipment, which has been deployed to all closed men’s prisons in England and Wales, is part of a larger £ 100million plan to strengthen prison security and fight against crime behind bars.

The 74 scanners, developed specifically for the prison administration, allow staff to instantly identify whether inmates are smuggling contraband items into their bodies. The scanners recovered spices, morphine tablets, cell phones, SIM cards, phone chargers and tobacco. These illegal items were said to have been destined for the wings of prisons, fueling the illicit economy that leads to debt and the associated violence.

At HMP Garth, a prisoner was found in possession of an iPhone and a charging wire during a body search. The CT scan revealed a large bundle in his intestine, which was later found to be full of tobacco.

Deputy Prime Minister Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said: “Drugs and guns are wreaking havoc behind bars and preventing frontline staff from doing their crucial work to rehabilitate offenders and reduce criminality.

“Our new scanners help us keep dangerous and illegal items out of jail, which means our staff can create a better environment for offenders to quit drugs and return to work, which is key to reducing the burden. recidivism.”

Joanne Sims, Governor of HMP High Down, said: “This equipment is proving to be an effective deterrent for anyone wishing to smuggle illegal items into our facility. The X-ray Body Scanner supports our goal of providing a safe environment for our prison officers and the men in our prisons. “

The technology has been installed at 73 sites, which means all closed male accommodations have x-ray scanners, ensuring there are no vulnerable points.

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