OCPA Welcomes Expansion of Tax Credit Scholarship Program

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OCPA Welcomes Expansion of Tax Credit Scholarship Program

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 20, 2021) – Jonathan Small, chairman of the Oklahoma Public Affairs Council, issued the following statement commending lawmakers for voting to expand the Equal Opportunity Scholarship Act in the Oklahoma. This program offers tax credits to individuals and entities that donate to organizations that provide scholarships to low-income children in private schools. Under current law, the program is limited to $ 3.5 million per year in tax credits for donations to bursary organizations. Senate Bill 1080, which received final passage in the Oklahoma Legislature today, raises that cap to $ 25 million.

“In decades, when today’s children are adults, thousands of them will look back and know they were able to accomplish great things through the education made possible by lawmakers through this vote today, ”Small said. “Quality education opens the door to a better life for all children, but especially for those whose current situation is mired in challenges that few of us can understand. When these families are confined to one local public school, many of these children find themselves running out of change by a system that does not meet their needs. By increasing the choice of school for these families, we are making Oklahoma better – a place where families from all walks of life have the opportunity to succeed and thrive. It’s a great day for the kids thanks to pro Tempore Senate leaders Greg Treat, Governor Kevin Stitt, Speaker of the House Charles McCall and the many lawmakers who supported this bill.

The Oklahoma Public Affairs Council is a free market think tank that works to advance principles and policies that support free enterprise, limited government, individual initiative, and personal responsibility.


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