Not the best of times

Oct 15, 2021 | 5:22 AM HIST

Not the best of times

The price of gasoline and diesel has gone up, making it difficult for the average Goan to make ends meet. The price of gasoline is now at Rs 102.28 and diesel at Rs 98.51 in Panjim and Rs 97.91 in the south. How easy or difficult is it to deal with such prices. The average Goan had a lot to say about the state of affairs

The painful times are fast approaching. The prices of all commodities have gone up. Income streams have already been affected by the pandemic, so inputs have declined, but expenses have increased dramatically, requiring a return to nature to survive. The main reason for the current fuel prices is the taxes levied on the fuel that governments are using as a means of generating funds during this crisis in my opinion. Reducing these taxes can certainly alleviate the situation. Other than that, the only common man’s approach to dealing with this crisis is to get rid of IC vehicles and go electric. – Neil Saldanha, Software Engineer, Saligao Rising fuel prices are inevitable, it is a finite resource after all; it has to happen someday. However, I think the timing is not the best, it could have been done slowly with a fixed schedule, leaving a few more years for the infrastructure of electric alternatives to develop and be accessible in our country, not only for transport but also in other categories of use. A huge increase in fuel prices would then have been more understandable. I understand the effect of COVID 19 on our economy, but such a steep rise in prices simply puts the average middle-class woman / man in a more difficult position than anyone else, pushing them out more and more every day. Today we have no choice but to pay or reduce travel, public transport is not the best in Goa anyway. – Ankit Talaulikar, Publicity Professional, Panjim I am the co-founder of Goa Motorcycle Club based in Goa, India. The increase in the cost of fuel affects our business, as we have to keep our routes below a certain kilometer. Mark. Even the places to eat where we take our runners are forced to increase their prices. As fuel prices rise, so do the prices of other commodities. It is certainly difficult for business. – Peter Fernandes, Founder, Hockey Kheluia, Mapusa As someone who actively rides a bike, the fact that gas prices have skyrocketed made me sit at home and curse the rates. Almost everyone is on the alert, constantly wondering how far they can take their vehicle for a ride. People who use their cars and bicycles to get to and from work have been the most affected. It is high time that these ridiculous prices were lowered instead of higher. It is definitely not easy to manage, especially when everyone is on a budget. – Anushka D’Souza, Student, Miramar The price of fuel is literally skyrocketing day by day! The gasoline having already crossed the three-figure mark and the diesel approaching it, I remember the refrain “What was promised and what was granted?” The authorities must seriously rethink the difficulties ordinary men face in managing their daily expenses, especially keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic. Or is it just another question of lining the pockets? – Chrisneil Dias, student, Benaulim Fuel is a basic and important thing that the richest and the poorest need. Due to the high price of fuel, I think many families are in trouble because now this is just the latest pandemic where people are still recovering financially and these prices are going up, in fact hard to keep up with these prices high because fuel is something we use on a daily basis for transportation. So instead of increasing its price, it actually needs to be affordable especially in this pandemic situation so that there is not a lot of financial crisis created for middle class families. – Sabira Shaikh, Vasco student It’s an easy decision to know who not to vote for in the next election. There is nothing worse than putting pressure on citizens, especially during a pandemic. The country and the state need better governance. The common man is under enormous pressure to support his basic expenses due to their incompetence. – Conrad Barreto, football strategist, Margao It is very difficult to add to the woes of the pandemic such as lower wages, loss of jobs, closure of establishments, etc. afford private trips or taxi fares, few local buses running, creates a lot of stress and tension to reach the courts on time … more public transport should be put in place and buses put on different routes. It is a government that cares little for the plight of the common person and does not know their pain and suffering. – Adv Caroline Collasso, Mapusa The rising price of fuel has certainly made a dent in the pocket of the common man. Many own personal vehicles so there is an increase in fuel costs. The pandemic has shown its ugly face and has already had an impact on the financial situation of the population. Many have lost their jobs, some have closed their businesses and others have suffered a cut in wages. The rising price of fuel has slowly shown its own ugly face with inflation creeping in on all sides, especially on food and basic necessities and even drugs! A surge in global crude oil prices, among other factors, has led to this mess and it is killing economic recovery after the pandemic slows down in Goa. Goans have no choice but to spend less and / or dip into their savings. Their monthly budget has gone haywire and it’s a daunting experience. Having said that, I think we need to be more patient and trust the processes of life because every cloud has a silver lining. We will win. The upcycle is looming on the horizon. – Clarice Vaz, Fine artist, Saligao Prices have definitely been an issue. I drive almost every day to go to college and to work and managing these expenses is quite difficult. Sometimes if I have my friends with me they make sure to contribute the amount as well. These prices must absolutely be brought down to an affordable level in the interest of the public … – Aryavrat, student, Vasco Public transport is the least desirable option for traveling as it is often crowded and respects the number of passengers. This makes travel dangerous, especially during the pandemic. Plus, the price of fuel is not just a pinch for people who own vehicles. This has a direct impact on every purchase that doesn’t grow in your own home. Food, clothing, electronics are all moved by fuel-powered vehicles. Why taxes are still high and prices are rising is an enigma. The government is expected to cut taxes significantly, especially during this pandemic time. It hurts everyone. – Jervis Pereira, Founder – Digital Kwills, Mapusa Fuel prices directly impact everything whether it is the price of delivery or local products or even the everyday purchases that force us to travel, this particularly impacts those who travel far for make a living therefore Gasoline and diesel prices should always be controlled and subsidized as much as possible to help the ordinary Goan! The economy is booming and many citizens are just starting to get back on their feet, prices must be subsidized to allow the common man to get by! Enabling the common man to face and recoup previous losses / etc due to the pandemic. – Viresh Vazirani, entrepreneur, Panjim

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