Madhya Pradesh. Concern over Maoist activities in Kanha Tiger Reserve | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: Maoist activity around the Kanha Tiger Reserve was on the agenda at a state wildlife council meeting this week. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said not only Kanha, the entire state will be protected from the Maoists.
The problems posed by wild elephants and their management were also discussed. The CM was informed that a report from an expert committee was submitted in January but needs to be implemented by the ministry. Board member Abhilash Khandekar suggested that Bhopal’s pending master plan should ensure that areas where tigers live are protected and no new construction in Kerwa and Kaliasot is allowed.
Kingpin of Khair smuggling detained
The Madhya Pradesh Special Task Force of the Forestry Department Wildlife Wing has arrested the suspected ringleader behind the illegal logging and smuggling of Khair timber from the forests in the Tiger Corridors. The accused was identified as Shahrukh, a resident of Sehore. He was arrested in the area of ​​Icchawar police station. Officers said he was involved in cutting down hundreds of Khair trees and smuggling them to various states. He is associated with interstate gangs.
Insiders claim that more than 20,000 Khair trees were smuggled in less than five months. Areas targeted by the timber mafia include Kheoni Wildlife Sanctuary, Dewas and Sehore, officials say. The Khair tree is a reserved category tree across the country and requires permission from the forest department to cut it, officials said.
The Wildlife Wing Special Task Force has so far successfully arrested 23 people from different regions in six separate cases of illegal logging and smuggling of Khair trees. Among those arrested are a Mumbai businessman and Tiber Mafia from Daulatpur area of ​​Dewas district. Three trucks, a car and 50 tons of Khairwood were confiscated.

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