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say no more

Plain Dealer’s strong endorsement for Geauga County Auditor is perfect: Mr. Chuck Walder. Say no more.

Sheldon Firem
Hambden Township

Dvorak, Rotary Support Veterans

During the last few months of October, Jeep enthusiasts enjoyed a 90-minute tour of beautiful Geauga County in all its fall glory, while helping out state and county veterans.

The “Geauga Jeep Invasion” was the brainchild of Jim Dvorak and has grown steadily since its inception.

When Mr. Dvorak visited me to explain the concept to me, I was unsure of its success. Successful is an understatement!! This event is eagerly awaited by Jeep enthusiasts throughout Ohio and several neighboring states. It celebrates our beautiful county, honors the lives and sacrifices of our veterans and service members, and raises substantial funds for our veterans charities within the local community.

VALOR Retreat, a Chesterland 501(c)3 charity, which builds cabins for our Veteran and Gold Star families in Hocking Hills, was the honored recipient of this bounty. We are very grateful to Burton-Middlefield Rotary for their sponsorship of this event and look forward to celebrating this year’s October Jeep event with Commissioner Dvorak in 2022.

Barbara Titus
Vice President/Director
VALUE Retreat

Walder: Taking stock of fiscal responsibility

Many recycled and modified signs used for Tim Grendell’s election campaign have appeared without Tim’s name and the “Experience Matters” slogan.

Diane Grendell, as far as I know, has no experience as an auditor. The only person running with experience is Chuck Walder, the current Geauga County Auditor.

Rep. Grendell has the experience of being elected to the House of Representatives through huge campaign donations directed to her by the House Republican Campaign Committee controlled by disgraced Speaker Larry Householder.

She seems to take every opportunity to get a photo op to keep her name out there for re-election. Did she do good things? May be. Is she a good candidate for the position of auditor? Not in my book.

Are we to assume that Diane Grendell isn’t speaking with her husband about her frustrations with the Geauga County Auditor’s Office? Does she show up at this office just to help the people of Geauga County? It seems that she and her husband believe that we are just sheep who will follow the loudest leader, no matter how well they perform.

As a former Geauga County Assistant Auditor, I for one will be voting for someone with the experience and track record of fiscal accountability, not a career politician with an ax to grind!

Please join me in voting for Charles Walder on May 3, 2022.

Bill Wheelock
City of Thistle

Friends in the lowest places

“Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who YOU ​​are.”

Diane Grendell appears to be a close friend of Larry Householder, once powerful and now disgraced, former Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives in Columbus. Corruption, lies, black money from out-of-state donors into Republican coffers, betrayal of public trust, these are among the suspicious clouds over Householder’s head resulting from the House Bill 6 utility bailout scandal.

The name of the owner is at the center of this ongoing investigation which follows the trail of 60 million dollars in bribes. On her first day on the job in Columbus, nominated to fill a vacant seat by her friend Larry Householder, Ms Grendell voted to pass HB 6, the bailout and bribery bill that is still costing US taxpayers money. ‘Ohio to this day.

Now that her friend is no longer in power in Columbus, she wants to be a Geauga County auditor. Do we want someone, even remotely, connected to this corruption scandal to handle our county’s finances? Nope!

Vote to re-elect Chuck Walder as Geauga County Auditor. His integrity and service records are beyond reproach.

Kathleen Webb
Township of Munson

Intentionally misleading loser

After receiving campaign materials from Walter Claypool announcing that he is on the Republican primary ballot for Geauga County Commissioner, I am a bit confused.

His mailings and his road signs say “Re-elect”. Usually, the term “re-elect” refers to an incumbent. But to be clear, he is not the outgoing commissioner of Geauga County. Mr James Dvorak is the incumbent and is seeking “re-election”.

I have the impression that this is intentionally misleading wording on Mr. Claypool’s part. Claypool served as Geauga County commissioner from 2015 to 2018, but lost his Republican primary election on May 8, 2018 to Mr. Dvorak.

He served as Chester Township Administrator from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021. He again lost his bid for re-election in 2021.

Is he a career politician who will run for any opening? Was the use of the term “re-elect” a way of deducing that he is incumbent when he is not?

Personally, I find this misleading and misleading to the people of Geauga County and taints the election process. Mr. Claypool has wasted enough time to pack his bags and stop trying to show up at any office that seems open.

Linda Barnes Gifford
Township of Chester

Who is the real RINO?

I just got my brilliant mail from Walter “Skip” Claypool, running for County Commissioner again.

The flyer he handed out at the county fair the last time he ran, which, by the way, he used his county’s email address and phone number as contact information, and was also paid for by Skip Claypool’s friends. For someone who believes in “responsible and accountable government” they should know better.

Oh, he uses his “go to” terms like woke, CRT, limited government and more RINOS; I expected that from him.

Jim Dvorak has lived in this county for 40 years. Skip moved here and soon after founded the Geauga County Tea Party in 2012. He’s been wreaking havoc on the Geauga GOP and the county ever since.

Claypool’s track record is getting nominated, running again, losing, then running for something else. Who is the real RINO?

What really upsets me in his last letter is when he states that he is supported by veterans. No “Skip” offense, so is Jim Dvorak. Jim led two fundraisers for veterans with the Burton-Middlefield Rotary called Geauga Jeep Invasion and Jeep Night: One at Madrick’s in Newbury which raised over $10,000 in May 2021 and another at Mayfield Drive-In in October 2021 raised $17,000. I didn’t see you there. How many veteran fundraisers have you led? And by that, I mean did all the hard work to make it happen, not just show up!

Dvorak was involved in many county and community events long before he was commissioner. Claypool’s flyer does nothing but attack his opponent. Get a real “Pass”, start by saying exactly what you are going to do.

One question, if you lose again, where will you be nominated or what will you stand for next? Inquiring minds want to know.

Rose Yaecker
Township of Newbury

Demanding revenge on the parks

I enjoyed the Fan Mail. I would like to respond to my criticisms:

1) I have been running successful businesses for almost 50 years. No, we don’t pay bills without bills.

2) Geauga County parks account for every penny of taxpayer funds. All bills and invoices are reconciled.

3) The conflict between Judge Grendell and the auditor Walder is between them. Since Walder and Flaiz are unable to win in court, they demanded their revenge on the Geauga Park System.

4) The Park District has been working with a $6 million budget for nearly 20 years. In 2022 and 2023, Walder and Flaiz cut our park budget by $2 million, or 31%.

For the past two years, our parks have been a safe haven for Geauga County residents to exercise, enjoy nature and decompress. If Walder and Flaiz are successful, we will have to close parks and reduce services.

Pat Preston, Curator
Geauga Park District

Honor and Privilege

It was an honor and a privilege to serve on the Health District Advisory Board for the first time and to be part of the process of appointing a new member of the Health Board.

Many residents wrote letters, made phone calls and attended meetings expressing the view that change was needed, and the HDAC accepted and appointed Carolyn Brakey, who attended BOH meetings and became familiar with board duties over the past year.

I look forward to continuing GPH’s progress in meeting the needs and regaining public trust. I wish Ms. Brakey and the rest of the board every success in achieving these goals.

Chris Alusheff
Village of Aquilla

Walder protects taxpayers’ money

I am writing to endorse Chuck Walder for Geauga County Auditor.

As a CPA, we need proper checks and balances within our government and Chuck has proven to obey the law and be careful with our taxpayers’ money.

As a former elected auditor, I am disappointed that a longtime legislator is running for a position with a clear conflict of interest. She showed she only cared about herself and her husband as she ignored what is a blatant conflict of interest.

There was also a mention of how she would reduce taxes. This is just a blatant attempt to mislead Geauga County voters as an auditor works with the people voted tax mills.

Chuck served as the moderate and consistent voice as Geauga County Auditor.

As the CFO of a municipality, his professionalism and transparency of the office is exceptional, and Geauga County should retain Chuck Walder.

larry heiser
Township of Chester

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