LeBron James introduces tequila in Suns-Bucks Game 5

LeBron James is a character that’s hard to miss. Not only is the Los Angeles Lakers star a giant man, his celebrity status ensures there is fanfare everywhere he goes. That’s why it’s probably very impressive that he managed to squeeze in a bottle of tequila in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

The Lakers star strongly involved tel on Twitter right after the Suns-Bucks game.

Judging by the amount of alcohol already consumed in that bottle, I would say LeBron James had all the pre-game experience before entering the Phoenix Suns arena. This move was clearly a publicity stunt (and we fell for it), but the simple fact that the Lakers star really decided to bring an entire bottle of tequila into an NBA Finals game is pretty hilarious.

Did he think it would seem like a normal thing for people to do? Did he intentionally spill some to make it feel “used” and not just an unopened bottle? These are questions we will probably never find answers to.

But promoting LeBron James’ tequila was only the side of his agenda for Saturday night. The Lakers star was there to support his longtime friend and Suns star Chris Paul.

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