Kyle Rittenhouse hailed as ‘hero for millions’ as he claims attempted homicide trial will take place after 2nd Amendment

Kyle Rittenhouse, the man who was acquitted of homicide charges after shooting two people and injuring a third, was hailed as a “hero for millions” when he appeared before a group of young American conservatives.

Speaking at an event in Phoenix, Arizona hosted by Turning Point USA, a conservative student movement for “freedom, free markets and limited government,” the 18-year-old received applause and cheers enthusiastic.

Charlie Kirk, the founder of the influential student group, said Mr Rittenhouse not only did not do the wrong thing, but he “did the right thing”.

“We have to say he did everything right that night, that Kyle acted right and morally and legally when someone tried to kill him,” he said.

He added, “Kyle did the right thing. And he should be applauded.

In the weeks since the teenager was cleared of all charges relating to the murder of three white men, two of them fatally, amid racial justice protests, Mr Rittenhouse has become something of a hero for many to the right and second amendment supporters. of the United States Constitution, which the United States Supreme Court has ruled to grant individuals the right to bear arms.

The young man had been charged with intentional first degree homicide, reckless first degree homicide, attempted first degree intentional homicide and two counts of reckless first degree endangerment after the shooting in Kenosha, in Wisconsin in the summer of 2020.

The largely white jury deliberated for 27 hours over the course of four days before finding him not guilty on all counts. While the news came as a shock to some, those who watched the trial said under Wisconsin law the young man is likely to say he acted in self-defense. This is exactly what he did.

Mr. Rittenhouse did not have to take the witness stand to defend himself, but he chose to do so. He was asked why he made this decision.

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“I wanted to tell my story. I wanted to tell the world what happened in Kenosha, the truth, contrary to what the prosecution tried to say, ”he said. “That’s why I took the floor.”

In addition to Mr. Kirk, Mr. Rittenhouse has appeared with right-wing radio host and podcaster Jack Posobiec, Drew Hernandez and journalist Elijah Schaffer, of the conservative network Blaze TV, who filmed much of the video showing Mr. Rittenhouse shooting the three people.

Mr Rittenhouse was questioned about his interactions with District Attorney Thomas Binger of the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office.

He was also questioned about the admonitions given to the prosecutor by the judge and whether the prosecution “was trying to close the case”.

“Absolutely. I think so,” he said. “I thought they knew they were losing and they wanted the trial set aside.”

When asked what he thought motivated the charge, he said: “I think my trial was an example of them trying to defend our Second Amendment rights, a right to defend ourselves and take our weapons. “

Last year, Joe Biden linked Mr. Rittenhouse to white supremacists, although there is no evidence to support it. The young man asked the president for an apology.

On Monday, Mr Kirk praised Mr Rittenhouse for resisting such pressure. He said, “You’ve held it all together. You are a hero to millions of people.

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