Karipur gold smuggling case: customs raid on the houses of Kodi Suni, Muhammad Shafi | Gold smuggling from Karipur | Kodi Suni

Kannur: As part of the investigation into the Karipur gold smuggling case, the customs service raided the homes of those convicted of murdering TP Kodi Suni and Muhammad Shafi here on Saturday. Both houses were searched on the basis of Arjun Aayanki’s statement.

In the customs statement, Arjun revealed that Kodi Suni and Shafi helped him steal the smuggled gold.

At first, officials raided Shafi’s house and headed for Kodi Suni’s house in Chokli.

Customs officials confirmed Arjun Aayanki’s link with Kodi Suni and Shafi during questioning. Based on the statements, customs raided Arjun Aayanki’s home on Saturday morning.

The officials also inspected the place where the car was hidden.

Arjun told customs that the TP case accused Kodi Suni and Muhammad Shafi of aiding the ‘pottikkal’ gang, the gang that steals gold from contraband rackets. Arjun also told customs that they were rewarded for it.

Some of the gold that’s snatched goes to the party (referred to Kodi Suni and his team) according to an audio clip leaked the other day.

Defendant Kodi Suni who is currently detained in the prison operates from the prison and gives instructions to the rating team. This report was also released earlier. Muhammed Shafi is now on parole.

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