J’khand is the new destination for the Raj’s opium smugglers | Jaipur News

Jaipur: During a crackdown on narcotics, the CB-CID (Criminal Branch) of the Rajasthan Police uncovered a racket involved in supplying drugs to Gujarat and Rajasthan from the affected areas of Jharkhand by Naxal.
The demand for drugs has increased due to better quality and urge to earn more profit as Jharkhand opium is of higher quality and expensive compared to local harvest.
Ravi Prakash Meharda, Additional General Manager (Crime), Aid, the Crime Branch has continuously monitored the smuggling of narcotics in the state and developed sources.
“In our recent seizures, it was found that people from our state travel to Jharkhand where they are detained in a designated town or village. The Naxals take money in advance and then the Rajasthani truck is taken to the regions of Jharkhand and loaded with the amount sought by the Rajasthani smuggler. Then in the truck the narcotics are hidden with pipes, cement and other products,” Meharda said.
He added that the crime branch is developing its network of informants and is also in continuous technical surveillance which is yielding good results. “Previously, smugglers from Rajasthan were confined to take narcotics from Kota, Jhalawar, Chittorgarh and parts of Madhya Pradesh, but smuggling of narcotics from Jharkhand is a new trend,” Meharda added.
Pushpendra Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police, CID-CB, who was overseeing recent operations which resulted in the seizure of a good amount of narcotics, said: “Smugglers from Rajasthan and Gujarat are in contact with opium growers in areas affected by Naxal. of Jharkhand. In two of our previous cases, the best quality opium came only from Jharkhand. It has been found that the people visiting never meet the smugglers from Jharkhand, the middleman comes to collect the money and later the truck is loaded,” Singh added.

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