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Our founders set up a simple government with three branches – an executive, a legislature and a judiciary that operate through a system of “checks and balances” to prevent any individual, group or branch from dominating the whole. Insane changes have been patiently and aggressively forced upon the nation and nothing has been said about them in the national media so as not to alarm the masses of the “Tea Party” who may encourage any “community conversation”.

Such “public discourse” is of crucial importance and should be encouraged by any reasonable media or political group. Such disagreement was effectively suppressed in Germany and other countries in the 20th century, leading to Hitler’s atrocities, Stalin’s excesses, and the tragedies of other dictators and mass murderers. Our founders recognized the dangers of these kinds of situations. We must learn the relationship between “public discourse” and the functioning of our government according to the wise rules of the Constitution. Not only do we have the assurance of a “community conversation”, but we also have the right to vote, if this is not suppressed by “martial law” or by political cheating. Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College in Michigan, wrote in his book The Founders’ Key: “James Madison particularly believed in the power of public discourse to improve the nation and the public. It stems from the belief that thinking before you act is a hallmark of human excellence. It is therefore an advantage that the sovereign people of our country have a lot of time to talk and a lot less opportunity to act. This is a good situation to place whoever has final authority. And while people are speaking, their representatives will remain in office until the next vote. And they will only be driven out if a sufficient number of citizens wish. “

So we have “limited government” in theory and ideally, as well as the ability to talk among ourselves, to have a “community conversation” about what we should believe and act. This is what I have underlined in these columns. We must unite to limit what the government and the leaders are trying to do. Indeed, we should reverse things like Obamacare. Arnn and others have also exposed the “fourth” branch of government that does not respond to the people. It is part of the government that we must understand and dismantle. Bureaucracy, the machine that runs government, was created to “serve” the people. This bureaucracy sets the rules, regulations and “laws” that dictate what people have to do and pay for. The most heinous of these bureaucracies was created by the Affordable Care Act to manage and ration health care.

So we should have a “limited government”, but in reality our government has become a vast bureaucracy that we have allowed to grow around us as an omnipresent and all-powerful “big brother”. A fourth branch has appeared, delimiting our government. Not only should we have “limited government”, but we should also be able to talk to each other, to have a “community conversation” about what we need to believe and act. This is what I have highlighted in these columns, what I specifically called “a community conversation”. Even that has become unacceptable to the government bureaucracy that runs things. We need to challenge the mass media and the drunken power bureaucrats in Washington and Austin to talk about what’s wrong and wrong. Our leaders have betrayed us in taxes, debts and expenses. Now is the time for us to act to reverse what politicians and government leaders impose on us. We must work together to limit what the government and the leadership are trying to do. Indeed, we must reverse what they did. Our conversation should be about the FACTS! Yes, there are serious issues with what our Democratic leaders have called “Social Security,” “Medicare,” the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” the Environmental Protection Agency. or a number of other federal bureaucracies.

It has become evident that many of our representatives, senators, judges or other members of the government do not respect our founding documents and intentionally defy the will of the people. These political leaders must be removed from their posts; this includes judges, as well as senators and representatives, and even the president or other sitting officer.

As the government grows and develops it becomes a creeping nightmare of rules, regulations and costs. It is anything but affordable and no protection is provided for ordinary citizens. It is the imposition of government control, management and madness on many areas of our lives, individual and corporate. The government cannot do a good job in education, the environment, health care, farm care or “social security”. He is too far from the people who need help. This is exactly why we need to reverse what has been happening since World War II – the federal bureaucracy. We need to start reducing government, limiting its reach and power.

Another book that describes how we came to this tragic state in America is Judge Andrew P. Napolitano’s Theodore and Woodrow: How Two US Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom (One Republican, One Democrat). Dr. Larry Arnn emphatically emphasizes the judge’s point in his book, recommending: “We cannot soon have a government that operates entirely within the confines of the Constitution. This will take several years of restoration and recovery work. This will lead to the growth of civil institutions that match and surpass those built at the start of America. These must involve the entire citizen body in the management of government and society. It will require that we resume the hard work of bringing together, as much as humanly possible, the principles of our land, which are so high that they “never can. [be] perfectly achieved. It will require a different kind of community organization. It will require that we abandon bureaucracy and centralized administration as a form of rule. The Founders believed that it was not mainly by dictating means but by sharing ends that free men cooperated.

Our “community conversations” should result in a common agreement and commitment to act in a reasonable and appropriate manner to strengthen and sustain our country. As citizens, we must be patriots and active as voters. I would ask again, like I did before, don’t you think we need “tea”? We should all adopt the same basic and fundamental principles regarding our government and our political process. What do you think of what is going on and the direction our country has taken in recent times?

– You can send your thoughts to [email protected], or by post to Dr Jerry Hopkins, PO Box 1363, Marshall, Texas 75671. Dr Jerry Hopkins is a retired historian and professor.

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