Is Tomi Lahren married?

Tomi Lahren is no stranger to controversy. As an ardent right-wing commentator and Fox News host, Lahren has been in the spotlight for a few years. Whether or not you agree with her, it’s hard to deny that she has a great personality and people are questioning her personal life.

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At only 28 years old, Lahren has been successful in his career, but what is his love life like?

Is Lahren currently dating anyone?

Lahren is not married and is not currently dating, although rumors do surface from time to time. Most recently, Lahren and NFL quarterback Jay Cutler were seen hanging out together at a bar in Nashville. Reports said that they were with friends, but that they really seemed to be in love with each other. They would have left together afterwards.

According to The Sun, however, Cutler and Lahren have denied these rumors. Cutler even took to Instagram with a cheeky video in which he kissed a cow on the cheek and called her the only woman in his life.

Lahren also mocked saying that she loves it when the internet tells her who she is dating. It seems they were just having fun with friends. Currently, there is no connection with who she is dating, nor any ads on social media.

Lahren was once engaged to get married

Tomi Lahren and Brandon Fricke got engaged in June 2019. They certainly didn’t hesitate to get engaged either. Lahren wore her engagement ring on TV, and they both announced it via social media at the time.

Fricke was a professional football player who turned to politics. He ran for Congress in 2020 as an independent.

After being together for two and a half years, however, they decided to quit. According to the Daily Mail, Lahren was not ready to settle down. After some introspections, Lahren and Fricke ended their engagement. Lahren returned the engagement ring he had purchased to Fricke.

Because he was running for office, Fricke revealed his financial statements. According to these statements, he spent between $ 15,001 and $ 50,000 on the engagement ring.

Lahren and Fricke remain friends, according to Lahren. Lahren would have liked to focus on her career, and Fricke supported her in this decision.

What is Lahren’s background?

Lahren joined Fox News as a contributor in August 2017. She now hosts her own show on the network. Lahren graduated from the University of Nevada and applied for a position at OANN, a conservative news network. He was offered his own show. Soon after, she left OANN for The Blaze.

Her commentary sometimes went viral and she started doing interviews. When she was invited on View, she made comments that went against what The Blaze approved and was suspended without pay. After filing a wrongful dismissal complaint, Lahren switched to Fox News.

Lahren is a self-proclaimed constitutional conservative and a polarizing figure among liberals and conservatives. She has advocated for the right to abortion, claiming that if she believes in limited government then she cannot support laws that would limit a woman’s choice. She also supported LGBTQ rights for the same reasons.

These two positions place her in the crosshairs of staunch conservatives. She also criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, comparing it to the KKK, which earned her accusations of racism and racial bait from the Liberals.

Lahren is very outspoken and has been accused of being callous and hateful, and has earned criticism even from his fellow Fox News presenters and contributors.

Lahren, however, never describes herself as a journalist. She is a commentator who never wanted to present the news in a neutral way.

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