Foreign cigarettes smuggled from Myanmar seized in Mizoram

Aizawl: Assam Rifles soldiers seized cigarettes of foreign origin, valued at around 2.35 crore rupees in Mizoram after they were smuggled from Myanmar, officials said on Sunday.

An Assam Rifles official said that following a whistleblower, its staff seized the cigarettes of foreign origin, contained in 78,333 boxes, in Khuangphah, Champhai district, eastern Mizoram , Saturday night.

“Cigarettes of foreign origin after being smuggled from neighboring Myanmar were stored in a house. None were arrested in this connection,” the official said.

Later, the seized cigarettes were handed over to customs officials for further legal action.

A statement from Assam Rifles said: “The continued smuggling of cigarettes of foreign origin is a major cause of concern for Mizoram State, particularly along the India-Myanmar border. The Assam Rifles, aptly dubbed the “Sentinels of the North East”, continued their efforts against smuggling activities in Mizoram.

Besides various harmful drugs, especially heroin, highly addictive methamphetamine tablets, also known as “Yaba”, poppy seeds, opium, ganja (marijuana), morphine, bottles of cough syrup valued at hundreds of crores, various other contraband like gold, foreign cigarettes as well as weapons and ammunition are often smuggled from Myanmar to northeastern states especially Mizoram and Manipur, along their more than 1,600 kn long unfenced border.


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