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No classroom instruction since March last year and frequent closures this school year

While Flint Community Schools will receive the most federal money from the state per student to deal with the COVID pandemic, the struggling district hasn’t kept its doors open for in-person learning.

The school district has had less than six months of classroom tuition since schools closed in March 2020, according to research by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. During the 2020-2021 school year, the district was closed until March 22.

The school district also closed schools in August 2021 because some of its buildings were not air-conditioned. The district also closed schools in what it called “an abundance of caution” following the school shooting in Oxford in November 2021.

The school district said this week that it is now closed to in-person learning until further notice.

Flint Community Schools will receive $156 million in federal COVID aid, or $49,996 per student, by far the most in the state of Michigan per student. By comparison, Greater White Community Schools is 11 miles from the Flint School District and will receive $1,736 per student in federal COVID aid.

And Flint Community Schools has left parents in a daze with its constant updates and announcements about whether kids will be in school or not.

For example, on January 1, the district posted on Facebook that in-person classes would begin on January 3 and signed off with “See you soon fellows!” Then, on January 2, the superintendent sent a letter stating that the district would be completely closed on January 3-4, with no remote option, before going virtual on January 5-7.

However, on January 6, the district announced that it would remain virtual next week starting January 10.

On January 13, the district said it would be virtual until January 24.

And then on January 19, the district said it would be virtual until further notice.

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