Emirates passenger tries to smuggle MAD 2.8million worth of diamonds into Dubai

Diamonds valued at over $ 770,000 (MAD 2.8 million) were found hidden in the luggage of a passenger on a flight to Dubai from India.

Customs officials at Chennai International Airport intercepted a passenger who was due to board an Emirates flight to the United Arab Emirates early in the morning on Tuesday, December 28.

Authorities responded to specific information gathered during an investigation and found the diamonds hidden inside the telescoping handle of the passenger stroller suitcase.

The 1,052.72-carat diamonds were valued at around $ 773,970 (Dh 2.84 million).

Passengers traveling to or from the United Arab Emirates with more than Dh 100,000 in cash, or an equivalent amount in any other currency or other financial instrument, must declare this to customs.

All precious metals or stones with a value of 60,000 Dh or more must also be declared.

Anyone importing gemstones to the UAE above this amount must provide supporting documents upon arrival, such as original invoices from an exporting company with their stamp and signature, a packing list showing quantity and a list of jewelry studding details.

According to customs law, the penalty for smuggling undeclared items into the UAE can range from a fine to three months in prison, as well as confiscation of goods and tools used in the smuggling process.

Brazen smuggling attempts: in pictures

Updated: December 30, 2021, 13:58

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