Dubai man arrested for trying to smuggle 12 kg of marijuana into bags of breakfast cereal – News

During questioning, the traveler admitted that the bags belonged to him.

Authorities in Dubai seized nearly 12 kg of marijuana from an Asian traveler, who was attempting to smuggle drugs through Dubai Airport.

According to Emarat Al Youm, Dubai customs inspectors found bags of breakfast cereal containing bags full of marijuana wrapped in foil. After checking all the bags, inspectors found a total of 11 kilograms and 940 grams of marijuana.


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During questioning, the traveler admitted that the bags belonged to him. It was then returned to the appropriate authorities.

Dubai Customs said it relies on its skilled and highly trained experts who spare no effort to thwart drug smuggling attempts into the emirate.

Dubai Customs Passenger Operations Department Director Ibrahim Al Kamali said: “Dubai Customs has stepped up its efforts to tackle the dangers of smuggling drugs of all kinds and to form a wall against the of contraband through its various points of our qualified and trained experts. “


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The authority further revealed that the most common smuggling techniques involve hiding drugs inside the body, inside shampoo boxes, on the sides and bottoms of bags and mixing them into the bags. clothing.

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