Drug trafficking thug stabbed taxi driver who tried to stop him from dodging

A man stabbed and beat a taxi driver after trying to avoid paying for his fare.

Charlie Meadows left his victim with stab wounds in the shoulder after the assault on Ennismore Road in Old Swan last year.

The driver’s car was so damaged in the incident, which saw other men damaging it, that it had to be written off and he was unable to work.

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In a quite separate incident, Meadows also attempted to smuggle drugs into prisons and on one occasion threw a tennis ball full of ecstasy at a prison wall.

CCTV footage of the Old Swan assault shown in court by prosecution Fiona McNeill showed a lengthy altercation between Meadows and driver John Gunning.

Meadows got out of the car without paying but was followed by Mr. Gunning in his cab before the men started yelling at each other.

He then started kicking the car before Mr. Gunning got out and a scuffle started between the two, who were joined by a number of other people from nearby houses.

This altercation lasted for several minutes, and while Mr. Gunning initially appeared to have got the better of Meadows, the 23-year-old quickly began to overpower him.

Meadows then stabbed Mr. Gunning three times.

The judge, recorder Jon Close, said it was not possible to draw a conclusion on the provenance of the knife, but admitted that Meadows did not take it with him.

The court heard that damage to Mr Gunning’s car, including its smashed gearbox by an unidentified man who arrived in the incident, meant it was written off.

Defending Peter Killen said Meadows was drunk at the time of the incident and was going through difficult personal issues at the time.

He said the 23-year-old was extremely remorseful about the assault and that it was a clean break from his recent previous convictions, none of which involved violence.

Mr Killen said: “The accused knows with a firm mind that his conduct was scandalous.

“He knows he’s going to be in custody for a while to come.”

Charlie Meadows was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court on Friday.

He also said his time in prison so far has been productive and has enabled him to curb his drug use.

Mr Killen said: “The guard cadre helped him, including of course, for the reason that he does not use cannabis.”

Meadows was also convicted of two separate incidents a week apart in 2019, which saw him smuggling Class A drugs into HMP Berwyn in North Wales.

The first incident saw him throw an ecstasy-filled tennis ball at a wall at the back of the prison while the second saw him throw ketamine and cannabis on the same wall.

Recorder Jon Close said there was evidence Meadows had been naïve about drug offenses and that he may have been tricked by others into believing he was was tobacco.

However, he said it was only a small mitigation.

Recorder Close said, “It’s hard to overestimate how harmful drugs are in prisons.

“They put the prisoners in danger. They are used as currency, they are used to extort and they are used to control.

Addressing the assault, Recorder Close said it was clear the two were originally involved in a fight, but Meadows’ behavior had turned into a serious assault.

Recorder Close said: “What happened next, and what persisted in a constant and prolonged attack, was entirely on your own initiative and you are entirely to blame.”

Meadows, of HMP Altcourse, was given a total sentence of six years and three months after pleading guilty to intentional injury, possession of a knife and two counts of attempting to smuggle drugs class A in a prison.

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