Democrats go down, go down, go down

Democrats and their party-aligned elites and globalists have a tight timeline to take over the world, cripple the Constitution, capsize capitalism, seize individual freedoms, force vaccines into the arms of Americans who don’t want vaccines, and sell that particular brand of socialism-slash-communism-slash-governance-by-surveillance that belongs better to the Chinese than to the freedom-loving Americans.

November 2022 is approaching. And by all indications: Democrats are down. As in Bruce Springsteen “down”. And that means one thing: Cue Lovin ‘Spoonful daydreams.

“Herschel Walker’s Senate bid comes to life with massive fundraising numbers,” Fox News wrote of the massive draw for the Heisman Trophy winner to win the Georgia seat from Democrat Raphael Warnock.

News from across the country – and from sources not so friendly to the Conservatives – is similar.

“Republicans are gaining ground over Democrats in Virginia statewide election, poll finds,” the Washington Post wrote.

The requests for money emailed daily by former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe show his desperation.

“[Glenn] Youngkin has climbed in the polls, ”his campaign wrote just days ago. “Then the experts at The Cook Political Report moved the race to a draw. And now ? The enthusiasm of Republicans is at an all time high.

Yes. This is because Americans are fed up with authoritarian Democrats. And sickness and fatigue have been rampant for some time now.

“Democrats could suffer a major fall in the 2022 election,” the Boston Globe wrote in July. Fast forward a few, and it’s more or less the same.

“This poll should terrify Democrats before 2022,” CNN wrote in September of an Iowa poll showing that only 31% of that state’s residents approved of Joe Biden’s handling of his presidential office.

J. Ann Selzer, a pollster who gave Donald Trump 35% approval around the same time in his administration and Barack Obama 36%, told the Des Moines Register about Joe Biden’s 31% approval – 62% disapproval: “It’s a bad poll for Joe Biden and it’s playing out in everything he touches right now.

Like the other Democrats in his party? Apparently. Biden is like Midas, only opposite. Everything this president touches turns into doo doo doo doo.

The same is true of its silent and dark vice-president, Kamala Harris. She’s so absent from the public eye that she sparked a whole new take off of “Where’s Charlie?” Democrats undoubtedly think she’s hated so much that keeping her locked up and hidden is the best chance they have to boost her popularity. But it’s a race to the bottom.

“Biden is sinking so quickly into the polls that even Kamala Harris is overtaking him,” the Boston Herald wrote in late September.

It’s not quite a win when the closest competition is a final round pick. Americans shouldn’t have to dump in trash cans for their leaders.

“Vice President Kamala Harris’ poll numbers are higher than President Joe Biden’s,” chirped Black Enterprise in late September, in a story about how Democrats see the vice president as a potential choice for the president. in 2024. Leave them. Higher than terrible polls always make a crappy candidate.

“Democrats are set to lose control of the Senate in 2022, a poll suggests,” Newsweek reported this month.

In all fairness, many polls suggest otherwise. Then again, the polls still point to massive Democrats wins – even record Democrats sweeps. They are rarely right; in fact, polls are usually a pretty difficult way to determine winds of political change, even favoring the conservative side of things. The numbers are too easily distorted; the results, too easily manipulated; conclusions, too easily fabricated for political gain and steam. The only polls you really need to pay attention to are the polls that portray Democrats in a bad light – because these are the polls the Democrat-loving media doesn’t want to report but has to, because the bad lighting is too obvious. ignore. Even then, they water down.

Common sense, not polls, is a much better scale.

And on common sense, it’s becoming more and more obvious: Democrats are down. Even Dr Anthony Fauci recognizes it; Why else would the guy be “giving” us not only Christmas, but Halloween as well this year – after first trying to “take” Christmas 2021, like he did in 2020 and for all the holidays? He knows that the anguish is growing. He knows time is running out.

The left cannot continue to impose its tyrannical ways on Free Americans without expecting some kind of reaction. From vaccine warrants to betraying Afghanistan, to rising inflation and delays in shipping products, everything Democrats have done has failed.

“‘Containergeddon’: Supply crisis pushes Walmart and rivals to lease their own ships,” Reuters wrote.

“Supply chain issues lead to empty shelves and delivery delays,” CBS News wrote.

The tax is about to explode.

The Americans are about to have their say.

Democrats are about to fall. Fortunately. The country is fed up with their madness.

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