Dad’s ‘hack’ for messy lunchboxes cracks up TikTok parents


Woman hysterical after receiving a drawing from a man at the airport: “I almost started to cry”

About a month ago, TikTok user @emmakeanehaha was traveling the country on her own for the first time when she spotted a man on her doorstep who appeared to be paying her close attention. That’s when @emmakeanehaha says the man pulled out a notepad and Crayola pencils and started drawing his likeness. “At first I’m a little scared… then I ask myself, is it scary or is it great?” I decided it was great. I ate… I posed ”. About 30 minutes into the artistic endeavor, the male traveler stood up and walked over to the TikToker saying, “Hey, sorry if that’s weird, but I drew you.” After giving him the airport drawing, @emmakeanehaha’s dreams of becoming someone’s muse were dashed. “He handed this to me,” she explains, brandishing a rude rendering of herself in her airport outfit. “I almost cried”. “Then he started to find me in the queue for the plane and told me about his artistic choice to draw me as if he didn’t just create the most offensive and most offensive image of me. offensive all the time in the world ”. The whole goodwill saga has left other TikTokers in stitches. “The first red flag [was] the pencils, “commented another. The whole goodwill saga has left other TikTokers in stitches.” The first red flag [was] the pencils, “commented another

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