Commission imposes anti-dumping duties on Chinese imports of aluminum foil for converters

Commercial defense | Brussels, December 8, 2021

Today, the European Commission imposed definitive anti-dumping duties on imports of aluminum foil for converters originating in the People’s Republic of China. The duties vary from 15.4% to 28.5%.

Aluminum conversion foil is an important product in the EU market with a market value of EUR 630 million. It mainly serves the packaging and electric car battery industries. Tariffs will help defend EU businesses and workers in this sector: imports of aluminum foil for converters from China will no longer enjoy an unfair advantage over EU industries and will be compete on a level playing field.

The investigation revealed that the dumping by Chinese exporters had caused significant damage to the EU industry. First, by forcing the Union industry to a deficit price level and, second, by losing market share. He noted that trade defense measures to combat such practices are necessary and in the interest of the Union to ensure the continuation of EU production under fair and competitive conditions.

All parties concerned were given every opportunity to defend their interests.

There is also a parallel anti-subsidy investigation for the same product, which is still ongoing. Definitive anti-subsidy measures, if any, will be published by January 2022.

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Imports of aluminum foil for converters originating in the People’s Republic of China EU trade defense policy

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