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YOU never know what life brings. That is why you need divine protection from the adversities that life brings to us. I have told you many times to pray the Rosary and Psalm 91 for divine protection. We all need divine protection. We all know that we are all on this earth temporarily, just for a short period of time. When our time is up, we turn to dust. Only our skeleton remains. Death is the great equalizer. No matter how big or rich you are, you are no exception. You too, who might think that since you are someone special because you have great power or great wealth, you can escape death. We all know you are wrong. You are completely wrong.

But while we live and breathe on this earth, while we have the spirit of God within us, we all deserve to have a decent and happy life. I mean no one deserves to be homeless and live next door to 101 FWY. Everyone deserves decent housing, sufficient food and clothing, and deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of race, color or religion. This is enshrined in our Constitution, that all men are created equal. This does not say that some are more equal than others.

God fixed the lifespan of man at 120 years. In Genesis 6: 3 it says, “My spirit will not remain with man forever, for he is also flesh; nevertheless his days will be 120 years. So this is it. The oldest person in Europe is a 117-year-old nun. But she is already blind. She says she loves her life here on earth but is not afraid to die. She wants to see her siblings and grandparents who passed away before her. It’s just another way of saying that she already wants to go to heaven. For some reason, she’s not interested in seeing her parents again. I wonder why.

Speaking of the pandemic, I finally had my first shot of Pfizer last Saturday. I prayed the Rosary and Psalm 91 before and after the jab for divine protection against any adverse effects of the vaccine. I had no side effects. I felt a little tired the first day. But on the second day, I was back to normal. The staff were very efficient and very friendly. Literally it was like being at Disneyland, the happiest place in the world, in terms of friendliness and kindness. The whole process took about an hour from arriving at the parking lot, processing IDs, jab, and the 15 minute wait in the waiting area. They let you wait in the waiting area for 15 minutes in case you have an adverse reaction, they can try to reverse it. What is an adverse reaction? You pass out and stop breathing, for example, no kidding. So whether you have faith or not, you need divine protection. Pray the rosary and Psalm 91 before and after the jab for divine protection, okay? That works. If you still doubt Thomas, go to Nevers, France and see for yourself the divine power at work, then go to Lourdes, also in France and be amazed, kneel and tremble at the power and might of Almighty God. Your religious belief makes no difference.

Back to the client. She is almost 80 years old. His income was $ 100,000 a year until last year through a combination of jobs. Yes, she was exceptional in making money until last year when the pandemic hit. She lost three jobs, so now she only receives $ 2,000 in social security and about $ 500 in pension. Of course, $ 2,500 per month in retirement income is good. But she owes $ 60,000 in credit cards that require $ 1,800 in minimum monthly payments to be up to date. Well, that’s not good because his main income is Social Security $ 2,000. This consumes almost 100% of his social security. It’s as if she had her social security stolen when she retired. You don’t have to be a scientist to know the client is in dire financial straits. She shouldn’t be in this precarious situation at her age. It’s not good having to use your Social Security to keep your credit card masters happy when you’re 80, or any age for that matter, is it?

She still owns a business, which must be exempt under Chapter 7. Fortunately, she passes the exemption test. She keeps the business. She qualifies for Chapter 7 and doesn’t hesitate to choose Chapter 7 to clear her $ 60,000 in credit cards. She will make a new start in life at the age of 80. This is not so bad because, as the Bible says in Genesis, the human lifespan is 120 years. So if all goes well and she survives this pandemic, she still has 40 years left. It did not slow down in any way. She remarries in Bali right after getting her Chapter 7 discharge! How can she do that? This is because she already received her second dose of Pfizer last week and no side effects. Thank you to Blessed Mother Mary, God the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit!
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