Bhondsi prison inmate caught smuggling drugs | News from Gurgaon

Gurgaon: A 21-year-old inmate from Bhondsi prison has been convicted of drug trafficking in the prison. The detainee was taken for a court hearing and upon his return was caught smuggling sulfonamide hidden in his shoes.
Brijesh Singh (21), convicted of murder, robbery and assault and an inmate from Bhondsi prison was sent to Jhajjar court on December 22 for a hearing. On his return from court, the detainee was subjected to checks at the entry gate. While checking in, prison officers found a packet of sulfa drugs hidden in her shoes.
“He had left in bathroom slippers for the hearing, but upon his return he was wearing a new pair of shoes and clothes. He was also carrying a bag of clothes, ”said a prison official. Singh has been held at Bhondsi Prison since October 2020.
Prison officials said inmates are sent with police for court hearings and are not supposed to allow inmates to meet with family and friends without prior permission from the court or the prison department. The police should ensure that detainees do not engage in any illegal activity during their visit to the court, and illegal assemblies should be restricted. Bhondsi Prison Director Harinder Singh said inmates returning from parole, court and hospital visits often carried medicine, SIM cards and cell phones on their return. “We carry out strict screening and every time they enter the prison premises, they have to undergo three levels of screening to prevent them from carrying items inside the prison,” Singh said. In addition to baggage scanners, detainees must undergo a strict physical search.
Previously, there had been regular complaints about the use of cellphones for extortion calls, but now prison officials say the situation is under control as the department regularly watches CCTV footage. In addition to that, they also perform regular search operations.

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