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Nagpur: The investigation into the alleged involvement of some of the town’s traders in the smuggling of inferior betel or areca nut across the Indo-Myanmare border by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) appears to have been left out.
Although the CBI’s investigation into the links between traders and international smugglers is proceeding at a routine speed, illegal activities appeared to continue with the steady momentum leading to the health risks posed by poor quality walnuts. betel.
The revelation of Addl DG, Law and Order, Nagaland, Sandeep Tamgadge highlighted the fact that trucks loaded with beet or areca nuts are often heading to central India from the Indo-Mayamar border.
“Interrogation of some of the truckers intercepted with odious quality betel nut from Myanmar indicated their destination at various locations in central India, among others,” said Tamgadge under whose supervision police of Nagaland seized 48.15 kg of gold worth Rs 22 crore.
Tamgadge, who shared Nagaland Police’s success in fighting drugs, weapons and gold from across the Burmese border, said the betel nut trucks were heading for Nagpur. after crossing Bihar, Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh or taking the road to West Bengal, Odisha and Chhattisgarh to enter central India. The IPS agent said beet traders likely have a well-oiled network in several states so they can come across them with illegal shipments and forged documents.
“The state police must be extremely sensitive to these trucks as one would never know what else they would bring from the troubled Myanmar where insurgent groups sell arms, ammunition and drugs to fund their private armies. and their governance, ”he said.
The investigation, involving the evasion of millions of rupees of tax and customs evasion, was entrusted to the CBI by the Nagpur bench of the high court of Bombay. After the court handed the investigation to the CBI, ruling out the Financial Intelligence Directorate (DRI), the agency recorded a breach in March earlier this year and conducted searches in four locations by the end of June. Even unidentified officials from the customs and excise department were also mentioned as the accused.
Attorney RS Renu, who represented Mehboob Chimthanwala in his PIL against unscrupulous betel traders, said he intended to seek the intervention of the High Court to review the progress of the CBI investigation which appeared to have made no substantial progress in the case.

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