Automotive expert gives aftermarket a digital makeover

There will be many stories about the digitization of the auto industry and how every problem creates an opportunity.

Enter SpareXHub, a Malaysian-based portal with international ambition in e-commerce, a digitization innovator in the automotive industry with a portal for old and genuine spare parts.

Co-founder and director Devindran Ramanathan found his unique niche 10 years after leaving his comfort zone as a senior executive at one of Malaysia’s leading automotive groups with operations in China and Oceania.

With over 30 years in the automotive industry looking after brands like BMW, Ford and JLR, he knows that car dealers have a universal problem: aging spare parts inventories.

He created SpareXHub, a digital portal for old and genuine auto parts with an interesting brand slogan “Every part has a car”.

For brand owners, he was going on a crusade on how to run an aftermarket department profitably, especially to eliminate aging and depreciated inventory, which was an insult to professional inventory management, especially when it comes to inventory management. they remained on the shelves for years, resulting in fresh handling and continued storage.

He is a professional parts thoroughbred. Ask him anything about spare parts for your car and eventually he’ll ask you, “What’s your chassis number?”

His business caters to three groups of customers for out-of-warranty cars and older cars – wholesale dealers; independent and specialized non-franchise workshops that buy parts because they are offered and they know their customers will want them; and retail customers.

“Every automaker has obsolete parts. If you don’t promote it, the industry will lower its barrier to entry and encourage parallel imports and the sale of substandard and dangerous parts, ”he says.

It is supported by a team of eight young social media technopreneurs who engage with local and foreign auto clubs and forums, and five qualified subject matter experts who are administrators.

“We didn’t take a platform off the shelf. We built this portal with our own know-how and (via) an Indian software company. It’s the whole process from finding parts, paying online and delivering it to your door, ”he said.

“If some customers can’t find the parts (which they need) on our platform, we have good partnerships with some of the local and international dealers where we can locate and purchase the parts from them.

“We have partnered with Aramex Malaysia, a Dubai-based logistics company to do international sales and Lalamove for resellers and domestic sales.

“Our main international business is from Singapore and there are a handful of dealers there who buy slower moving BMW parts from us. Likewise, many original spare parts from Auto Bavaria, Ingress and Quill are sold there via our platform.

“Singapore is a regional market and they have a good opening to the markets of Australia, Africa and Indonesia,” he said.

“The pandemic and MCO are pushing online sales like never before,” Devindran said.

For this week until June 10, there are spare parts discounts for Ford and Hyundai owners only, in partnership with Sime Darby Motors.

The portal offers parts for eight brands – BMW, BMW Motorrad, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, VW.

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