Astronaut tells how the first gorilla suit smuggled onto the ISS died

The astronaut behind the famous gorilla video on the International Space Station explained how his first smuggling attempt did not go as planned.

Even in space, humans play practical jokes on each other, which sometimes means smuggling different items onto the International Space Station (ISS). Reports on futurism that many different items were smuggled onto the ISS throughout its lifetime. Items such as alcohol, cigarettes, and even the cremated remains of a famous Star Trek actor. Another item that was smuggled into the floating lab was a gorilla suit, but the astronaut trying to get it on the ISS was unsuccessful on his first attempt.

In one interview with people, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly explained that his identical brother Mark Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut, tried to send his brother Scott, who was on the ISS, a gorilla suit in 2015 However, that suit ended up being destroyed in a massive explosion when a SpaceX Falcon 9 didn’t quite reach the floating lab. Mark didn’t give up there. “The next time I was on the phone with my brother, he said, “I’m sending you another gorilla costume,”Scott told People.

Scott explained in the interview that the video that has since gone viral is all “staged.” NASA astronaut Peake, seen in the video being chased by the gorilla, was aware of the suit, but all the other astronauts aboard the station were not.

I floated to the Russian segment. When they saw it, they laughed like you wouldn’t believe it. It was the end of my year in space. So you need a little humoradded Scott.

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