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Mangaluru: The Chairman of the Areca Nut Research and Development Foundation (ARDF), Dr Veerendra Heggade, has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to request ministries to take strict action against the smuggling of areca.
Heggade’s appeal to Modi came in a press release on Thursday. He explained how the illegal smuggling of areca nuts from outside the country affects prices and farmers.
India produces 15.63 lakh tonnes of areca nuts every year and is the backbone of nearly 16 million people in the country, Heggade wrote. Smuggling destabilizes the price of locally grown areca nut and is said to affect the livelihoods and financial situation of thousands of farmers.
“Although India is self-sufficient in areca nuts, around 24,000 tonnes of areca are legally imported every year. Recently, the Minister of State for Finance, Pankaj Chaudhary, said that smuggling of areca nuts still exists. He also said that the amount of areca nut traded outside the fiscal network is not available and that the Areca Nut and Spice Development Directorate under the Ministry of Agriculture and Welfare of farmers reported that around 15% of areca nut is marketed by cooperatives such as CAMPCO Limited of Mangaluru. , TSS in Sirsi, MAMCOS, Shivamogga and TUMOCS in Chennagiri, etc. while 85% of the areca nut is traded by private traders,” Heggade said.
The illegal activity of smugglers will negatively impact the revenue generated in the form of GST on areca nut, he said and urged the Prime Minister to take strict action against this illegal import of areca and its transport without proper legal documents.
In order to combat the under-invoicing of areca nut, a competent nodal agency of the cooperative sector familiar with both white and red areca nuts, such as CAMPCO or ARDF, can be identified to assess and make reports on these goods. “As a grower of areca nuts, I urge the prime minister to direct ministries to take strong action on these issues so that areca growers as well as the country as a whole benefit,” he said. -he declares.

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