Afghanistan LIVE News: United States Suspends All Afghanistan Evacuation Flights After Limited Measles Outbreak

Afghanistan Crisis Live News Updates: United States halted all evacuation flights from Afghanistan after discovering a limited measles outbreak among refugees arriving in the country. The decision was made on the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which cited “health safety concerns.”

Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said all countries should engage with the Taliban to deliver the message that the Afghan people should live in peace under an inclusive government that respects basic human rights. Guterres stressed that the country should no longer become a sanctuary for terrorism. The UN rights office said on Friday the Taliban’s response to peaceful marches in Afghanistan was increasingly violent, with authorities using live ammunition, batons and whips and killing at least four protesters. .

On the other hand, India called for an “inclusive waiver” on Friday in Afghanistan, representing all strata of society. Stressing that she was her “immediate neighbor and friend of her people”, New Delhi said “the current situation concerns us directly”. It was India’s first response to the Taliban government’s announcement, days after the Pakistani ISI chief reached Kabul and picked the nominations.

Meanwhile, Pakistan said on Friday it hoped the Taliban’s new interim government would bring “peace, security and stability” to the war-torn country and work to meet humanitarian and development needs. of the Afghan people.

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