A man tried to smuggle 51 migrants for $25,000

A man said he was offered $25,000 to ferry 51 migrants to San Antonio, according to an affidavit of arrest.

A white tractor carrying a white trailer arrived around 10:30 p.m. at the Freer Checkpoint on US 59 on April 11. The driver was identified as Gregory Scott Freeman during an immigration inspection. When asked if there was anyone else in the cab, Freeman said he was “alone and on his way to Allentown, Pennsylvania.”

Freeman provided officers with a bill of lading dated April 4 to Houston. A K-9 unit would then alert of possible contraband in the trailer. Freeman reportedly said “What the fuck” when officers referred him for secondary inspection.

At the secondary, officers opened the cargo vent on the trailer door and observed people sweating profusely. Officers cut the seal and opened the trailer doors to discover 51 migrants sitting inside the trailer. The temperature inside the trailer was 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

Special Agents from Homeland Security Investigations took over the case. In an interview after his arrest, Freeman said he was homeless and did not have a valid commercial driver’s license. He said an associate offered him $25,000 to ferry the migrants to San Antonio.

Freeman said he was paid $500 upfront. Freeman further said he served time in 2018 for human trafficking.

Freeman was charged with transportation, attempted transportation and conspiracy to transport migrants.

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