Money gives happiness is a term that many would say is votes, but at the same time money can cause many concerns too .. Here are tips on how to save money so you have more money left over later that will bring you happiness . has details

The first thing to ask you is do I really need this good?

Some money we just have to spend …

Of course, there are some basic things we have here in Norway in 2010:
Food, shelter, clothes on your body – to name a few. Yet today we can hardly do without a telephone, mobile, internet, cable TV, etc.

Of course, not all of this can be called a necessity of life in the traditional sense. But if you have a tight economy, it is definitely worth taking a closer look. Some of it may be a little down. Just because you have categorized it as a fixed cost does not mean that it does not have to be completely immutable.
How necessary is it?

Telephone charges. Nobody wants enough today on questions we need to have on the phone. What one can question is how many phones do we have to have. And every party needs to talk in it? A crowded economy and good conversation consumption may not be so good together?

That money is spent – whether you call it one or the other.

Internet: There are probably not many households today without the Internet. However, many households choose not to have great speed. Even though the telecommunications companies are talking about 30 Mbps, there are still many who can handle 5 Mbit – without any problems.

Electricity, water and heat: Calculator for our fixed expenses. They are no more authentic than it is after all, determined by consumption. This means you spend less, pay less. In the long run, it can be a lot to win. The hard part is getting used to spending less. Once you have been through it, it becomes a habit.

Cable TV: We live in a time where not many can do without. But how many channels do you really need? Do we really need the big package? The day has only 24 hours – and how many of them you want to spend on TV?

Holidays: A holiday abroad for the whole family costs the box – and many expect it to be a must. Maybe even twice a year. Maybe less to do it? Maybe cheaper? Maybe out of season?

CarXpenses. Is also among the many people look upon as inevitable. But there are people who live without. Some have two cars without necessarily needing it. And then you can’t help but reduce the cost of driving less…
A critical look at consumption

These are just examples, the list could be much longer.

Some even sell fixed amounts for clothes and amusements etc. so it almost seems like something you can’t avoid spending.

When you do not choose the term “spending too much money”, but instead “have too much spending” indicates that you do not think it just belongs – and must be so. But if you are interested in lower expenses, it must be taken into account.

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